PaintOn Art Events
Art + Party =
Birthday, hens' night or a wedding. Add colours and imagination to your party!
There is always something to celebrate :)
Birthday Parties
Hens' Nights
Family Celebrations
Any other occasion!
Party Flow
Welcome of guests
Painting under the guidance of our artist
Delicious meal & entertainment program
End of the Party - guests bring the artwork home
Welcome canapes & drinks
Paint, party, enjoy good wine and drinks
Tasty food, fun & engaging team games
Group photo with the masterpiece
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
Why choose PaintON?
We take care of everything: location, staff, materials, food, drinks, and FUN!
Great Service
Food & Drinks
Premium Location
Location within the heart of the CBD, at One Raffles Place. External events are possible.
We can host events of up to 250 guests in our studio or at your favourite location.
Any Group Size
A wide selection of menus and drinks to make the experience complete.
It's easy to organise an event!
A dedicated manager will help you prepare all you need to make your event a success.
Contact Us
Choose a Format
Choose from our art party formats, and pick your preferred painting & menu.
Pick Add-ons
Complete your event planning with a selection of additional activities, drinks, and food.
Confirm your party details with us and invite your guests for the best art experience!
Personalise Your Party
Exciting Add-ons
Welcome Canapés
Cocktail Class
A selection of delicious fingerfood to kickstart the party! A selection of 8 delicious items per person. Choose one of our 4 sets!
Enjoy a tasty cocktail that you learn how to make yourself under the guidance of our professional. Choose a classic cocktail or invent your own!
Las Vegas Party
A casino roulette-inspired game of wine/whiskey tasting & appreciation in the spirit of Las Vegas. Challenge your senses, taste buds, and knowledge in this entertaining game!
Professional photos of your fun team building will delight your team for a long time!
Cocktail Class
Las Vegas Party
... and many others!
Where to PaintON
PaintON Studio
Your Venue
3 beautiful rooms in the heart of Robertson Walk (@Culinaryon)
Have an art party in your own preferred venue!
11 Unity Street #01-23/24 Robertson Walk, 237995
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